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"La instruisto ĉiam trovis afablan vorton."

Translation:The teacher always found a kind word.

June 22, 2015



What does this sentence mean? I don't quite get it...


It means the teacher always said pleasant, friendly, nice, kind things to say, likely complete sentences, or even more than one sentence.


I think it means the same thing as the English idiom "They had a kind word for everyone", meaning they were always kind to people and found nice things to say about them to others.


Always found a nice meaning word I think in response


Wouldn't 'affable' instead of 'nice' be correct as well?


Probably. You can report it if you think the system should accept it.


Having only "kind" in the dictionary hint for "afablan" is confusing considering just a few lessons back we were using the -a correlatives. There should be another synonym in the dictionary hint to give a better idea of what "afablan" is, coming from someone who just saw this word for the first time.

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