"You are a teacher, not a guard."

Translation:Vi estas instruisto, ne gardisto.

June 22, 2015

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[deactivated user]

    Diable, Jimo! Mi estas kuracisto, ne gardisto!


    apparently, the nearly identical words, gvardi-o and gard-o, are both real words that mean guard...yet their roots are different in etymology?... What's up with that? I'm thinking that one of the two means the action noun (as in "Which one of you is 'standing on guard'")?

    And then there's gard-isto, gard-an-o, gard-ant-o, and protektisto. Should these answers be accepted?


    Maybe you aren't still curious about this a year later, but this is a good reason to use an Esperanto dictionary with Esperanto definitions. The words have different meanings.


    Because we call police "Guards" in Ireland I keep translating guard to polico :(


    Vi instruistas, ne gardistas?


    No political agenda here.

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