"Minutt for minutt"

Translation:Minute by minute

June 22, 2015

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Isak og Even: Minutt for minutt


Good one, now you made me cry.


You use "for" here, but then use "etter" to say "klokka går sekund etter sekund." Can "for" and "etter" be used interchangeably in this case, or is there some difference?"


All the SKAM fans be like:


Oh well, first Skam quote in this course. And yeah, it's what brought me here.


Minute by minute. time goes by minute by minute.(Tiden gaar minutt for minutt)


Is minutt etter minutt also correct?


First thing that came into my mind (and it will probably be stuck in my head the rest of the day): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QkoOHvrViM


It's also an episode title and line from the norwegian TV show SKAM


It is the title of a very good song by the Doobie Brothers. If you listen to the song, perhaps it will make more sense to you.


What does før mean as opposed to for?

[deactivated user]

    Each time you have to say a word twice in a sentence (as per the example above), the second one is not accepted and it's counted as a mistake which is really annoying!


    Please can someone send this to the right place to get a fix. This is just one of several instances of voice recognition not allowing repeated words in a phrase - the only solution I know of is disable speaking, which then lasts for an hour.


    As others mentioned already - it seems to be impossible to get this sentence right with voice recognition. It acccepts "minutt for" and then fails, whatever I say. Now it got extra annoying, because this is now in my "clear previously mistakes" section and of course will show up again and again (I can only get over it temporarily by disabling speaking). Pleeease fix it ...! (Or does anyone know how to get over this?)


    No time given to type my answer. I knew the answer. This is not fair!!!!

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