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  5. "Il habite à l'est de Paris."

"Il habite à l'est de Paris."

Translation:He lives in the east of Paris.

December 28, 2012



One could say, 'He lives in the east end of Paris" or "He lives to the east of Paris" (meaning east of the city itself). The translation provided is not usual.


Actually, "il habite à l'est de Paris" is vague in French, because you don't know if the guy lives intra or extra muros.


I agree with you. My examples cover both possibilities, I think. Either way," He lives in the east of Paris" doesn't work. We say the east end of London, the west side of New York because just "east" is lacking.


I agree. "In the east end", "on the east side", "to the east of", but not "in the east of".


Couldn't someone check these sentences before they go live? Because crowdsourcing does not help to determine, "what does this really mean?"


Could a French speaker please translate "He lives to the east of Paris" which means that he lives outside Paris in an easterly direction.


Il vit à l'est de Paris, ie the same.

If you want to be sure: il vit dans la banlieue est de Paris.

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