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"Ĉu vi havas elektron gason en la domo?"

Translation:Do you have electricity or gas in the house?

June 22, 2015




• Do you have electric or gas in your house?

• Do you have electricity or gas in the house?

are correct answers, then maybe one should also accept the answer

• Do you have electricity or gas in your house?


In British English (perhaps or perhaps not some other varieties) electric as a noun can mean electricity.

Usage note: This is generally used to talk about electricity to the home (my opinion only).

http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/electric (last definition on the page at time of writing)


Mi havas ambaŭ. Ĉu vi deziras iom?


I think the intonation in this sentence is slightly off. Usually people have both, not one or the other. So the intonation should really be more like: Ĉu vi havas [elektron aŭ gason] en la domo? (one or both).


In Usono, people usually have electricity in their house, so this question is taken as referring to whether you have electricity or gas for cooking and/or heat--not for lighting and appliances. It's not an unusual question.

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