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When you push 'Return' Key in the audio excercises.

Hello friends! I just wanted to share what I think that might be an annoying thing for some users in Duolingo.

When I'm learning on my computer (doesn't happen in Android), everytime I push 'return' key from the keyboard to erase everything on my text board (when I'm wrong or want to rectificate something) the sound plays again without me clicking on the Sound Button.

For me is really annoying because I don't want to hear the whole phrase again everytime I erase the last word that lasts on the texting board. I use everytime I need the shortcuts to reproduce it, and I don't see it like an useful thing but like a bug.

Could you please work for fixing this? It would be great.


June 22, 2015

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I also have had this issue recently. Pretty silly.

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