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Display users' mother tongue

A little flag or the country code would be nice, so that I can instantly scan the discussion page for input from native speakers.

Users would fill in that information in the settings page, and you could also allow perhaps to select more than one language, for bilingual, trilingual, etc, speakers. Unless you're foreseeing a lot of people cheating on that to feel good about themselves. Lol.

December 28, 2012



I agree with you, it would also help respondents to use more accurate examples to explain and to better understand which language structure questioners are coming from. By the way, I am French.


That's also a good point.


Sitesurf: for the record, I've been wondering this about you for months. lol.


You're most welcome... I am here to refresh my English... and help other learners with my "good" French!


That has worked out nicely for me! :-)


It is a bit odd that they didn't add that feature, almost as if they didn't expect people to use English or Spanish as an auxiliary language to learn other languages. I'm not sure if a system with a country code or flag will work though as a lot of countries have more than one language. It might also be easier to add empty boxes for users to fill in instead of adding flags for all possible countries.


Yeah, you're right, hadn't thought of that... Users would fill in the languages they're native speakers of, and those would be displayed in front of their name. I think they could also highlight in some way the native speakers in a discussion.

Plus, it could also be of use to display fluency.


It shouldn't be a flag because that would be tied to a country, not a language, causing all sorts of problems. Otherwise I think it's a great idea, especially as it would give the people behind the site a better idea of how it's being used and for which language pairs there is a high demand.


I like this idea, though maybe it should be a box in which the user can 'tick off' mother tongues. Certain people (e.g. Swiss, Catalonians, etc) would probably grow up speaking one or more languages, and thus have two equal mother tongues. For example, I work with an Italian girl who grew up speaking both English and Italian equally, and speaks flawless Italian - or English with a Yorkshire accent :P


Exactly. In the case of that person, it would display this: "Person" English (UK) Italian (IT) –––––––––– Some codes would not be easily recognizable, so if you hovered over "CH", you would find out it represents "Switzerland". Also, if you happen to master both dialects, it could display like this: "Italian (CH, IT). That would also be useful; well, regarding Italian, don't really know, but in the case of Portuguese (BR / PT), definitely.

(This isn't the way I formatted the text, I stacked "Person" and the respective languages.


I agree, I would very much like to know what languages people speak. I don't have a strong opinion about how to implement it, but I would find it helpful if people could indicate, with each language, their level of functionality: native, high/medium/low fluent, high/medium/low functional, beginner, etc.


I think the flag (of the country) would be a good idea since a native speaker in one country will have a different point of view than a native speaker in another country ... and at least for me, I'd be able to identify more flags from different countries. :)


Since no one knows if and when this will be implemented, I went and added the country code to my username. It's not what I imagine the perfect solution to be, but it does the job in most cases.


Isntead of showing the user languages, it could show their nationality, and when you hover over it, it would show the oficial languages of that country. Example, for a Canadian would appear the Cananada flag, and when hovering it it would show French and Enlgish as native tongue. I don't think letting the user set the language is a good option, because when you scan for such topics, you are looking for natives answers, not someone who learned, even if that person is fluent. It could let someone set multiple nationalities, say someone is both Canadian and Portuguese, it would show the Portugal Flag and the Canada flag.


I like it; sounds like a great idea!


Yes, please, Duolingo! This would be great.


Definitely a good idea.


Good Idea I HATE Translating What It Said

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I cannot grasp why there are not many comments in such an interesting thread

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