"Je prends mon verre afin de boire."

Translation:I take my glass to drink.

December 28, 2012

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Would "Je prends ma verre boire" mean the same thing?


Sorry, no: 1. because "un verre" is masculine, so the possessive adjective is "son" 2. "prendre" cannot work like "vouloir" (want) or "pouvoir" (can); you can say "je veux boire" or "je peux boire" but not "je prends boire" 3. you can also say "je prends ma boisson" (literally: I take my drink) 4. the better translation remains: "je prends mon verre pour boire" (or "afin de boire")


this 'mon' to me sounds more like 'une' than mon when at regular speed.

In slow speed, the mon sound is interesting!

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