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  5. "I love that fruit."

"I love that fruit."

Translation:Is aoibhinn liom an toradh sin.

June 22, 2015



Watch out for that apple...


What is the difference between 'Is aoibhinn liom...' and 'Is breá liom...'? They both seem to mean 'I love...'


It's a question of degree and register.

They can both be used for "I really, really like" (often expressed as "I love" in English, though it has nothing to do with romantic "love" - "I love hiking at the weekends", "I love hot chocolate").

"breá" on it's own means "fine" or "excellent" ("lá breá a bhí ann" - "it was an fine/excellent day", and, just as in English, it can also imply beauty - "fear breá" can imply "fine looking" as well as sound and reliable.

"aoibhinn" means "delightful". "Is aoibhinn liom ...." means that something delights me, or is delightful to me. When you say "I love that song", you could mean "that song delights me/I think that song is delightful" (Is aoibhinn liom an t-amhrán sin) or "that's a fine song/i think that song is really great" (is breá liom an t-amhrán sin).


Would it be possible to use 'tá grá agam ar' for 'I love'?


I thought torthai was fruit and toradh was result.


torthaí is the plural of toradh. Irish uses the same word for both "fruit" and "result" - think of the phrase "the fruit of your labour" in English.

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