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"Lei pensa che loro credettero oppure no?"

Translation:Does she think they believed or not?

October 7, 2013



As I often find in Duolingo's answers, the owl doesn't consider that in Italian "Lei pensa" can be both 3rd pers.sing. (she thinks) AND formal you (You think)...


For the italian lessons, the Owl almost never understands the formal you, it is best to just avoid it on duolingo to stay out of grief, I think.


Keep reporting it (I just did), over time the Owl will learn (every now and then, I receive a notification that a suggested translation is now accepted by DL).


Yeah but ever since Duo removed half-heart corrections ( and the multiple corrections ), testing Duo's understanding of formal you costs a heart, and I don't really feel like intentionally "losing" lessons just to help improve Duolingo?


Half heart corrections?? Never had them and I've been on DL since Nov 2013. Before my time or you may have been in a different a/b test group. I'm ok with losing hearts I test things out all the time. I figure what's the worst that will happen... more practice?


DL accepted my answer "do YOU think that they believed or not?"


doesn't one need subjunctive after 'pensa che' ?


I'm italian
without a personal subject pronoun, the sentence sounds weird
Having said that, yes, the sentence with the subjunctive in my opinion sounds better
passato remoto "Lei pensa che (mi, ci, vi,...) credettero?"
congiuntivo passato "Lei pensa che (mi, ci, vi,...) abbiano creduto?"


I am getting a bit out of my depth, but I would say that you would normally use subjunctive with "pensa che" where there was room for doubt and the person in the main clause differs from the person in the dependent clause. However there is no subjunctive mood with passato remoto (credettero) so you could just leave it as it is or change to congiuntivo passato if you were talking about a distinct completed action. I should have thought that with "credere" the imperfetto might be a better tense anyway (depending on the context) and that that would allow use of the congiuntivo imperfetto. Perhaps a native speaker can tell us what the best way to say this is.


So, I'm looking for the pronoun "it" in this sentence. It seems almost unforgivable everywhere else to be without it. The Italians say "Lo so," implying the subject "I" but including the object "it..." We, in English, would say "I know," not necessarily "I know it." There might be an English usage where we would say, "Does he believe." But in my experience thus far with Italian, they would be immediately asking me, "Does he believe what?" except in the above example, apparently... A native Italian speaking friend told me that their are grammatical rules in Italian, and rules are rules... until they're not...


'Believed it' is much more natural.


This translation doen't sound right in English. I was marked wrong for 'does she think they believed her or not' which seems better to me. Why is it wrong?


How do you know to what the "no" applies here ?


Please add formal 'You' to the right answers


And shouldn't this be: ' Lei pensa che loro abbiano creduto oppure no' ?


Where is the difference between "credettero" and "crederono"? - i found both in my dictionary "LEO".


I don't understand why it must be "credettero" and not "crederono"! Or are both right?

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