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  5. "Ele vem todo outubro."

"Ele vem todo outubro."

Translation:He comes every October.

October 7, 2013



Is "cada" a word in Portuguese, or does "todo" always mean "every"?


yes, you can use "cada" but it would sound a bit awkward here.... every day = todo dia, every month = todo mês, every October =todo outubro.


so is cada rarely used, or just not in this context? would you mind giving an example of a sentence with cada?


Just for this sentence it is not so common.

Cada um de nós deve... = each of us must....


So basically, the usage more or less mirrors 'each' ('cada') and 'every' ('todo')?


Or I guess "todo outubro" is like "all of the octobers" but that just sounds weird in English.


is the difference between "during entire octobre" clear?


I think if you mean "during entire octobre" you would say "ele vem o outubro todo". Ele vem todo dia = He comes every day / Ele vem o dia todo = He comes during the entire day (I'm not sure if this last sentence is correct in English). So as to avoid confusion, you can use "inteiro" instead of "todo".


"outubro todo" = "Every day of the month of October"

"todo outubro" = "every month of October"


What is the difference between tudo and todo?


Tudo = everything. Example: Ele queimou tudo o que tinha (he burned everything he had).

Todo(a) = every, all, entirely. Examples: Ele dormiu o dia todo (he slept the entire day). Ele dorme todo dia (he sleeps every day). Ela caiu na piscina e se molhou toda (she fell in the swimming pool and got all soaked). Ela me liga toda hora (she calls me every hour - here meaning very frequently). Os reservatórios de água do país estão todos contaminados (the country reservoirs are entirely contaminated). Toda unanimidade é burra (all unanimity is dumb - this is a quote from Nelson Rodrigues, a brazilian writer).


I believe "Todo" means "each" or "every", and should be used as an adjective/adverb (?). "Tudo" can't be used instead of Todo. Tudo can be used on its own to mean "everything". "Eu vejo tudo" vs "Eu vejo todos os animais" ("I see everything." vs "I see every animal").


Good comparison.


todo = in ???????????


No, in this case todo = every.


How do you say "all of October" as in the whole month?

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