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"Mi trovis ies ĉapelon en la strato."

Translation:I found someone's hat in the street.

June 22, 2015



"en la strato"? How does that make sense? I thought that "sur" or "ĉe" would be more appropriate, but "en" seems like an Anglicism.


La strato estas spaco limigata per la konstruaĵoj ambaŭflanke kaj la ŝoseo sube.


sur - literally on the ground of the street. en - a more general preposition, in this case within the area of the street, so.. hm, for example if a hat was blowing in the wind while you were in the street? lol


Fred Capp? You been missing anything lately?


Guys, I need help.

Why I've found somebody's hat on the street is not accepted?


for some reason when i encountered this question, i got hat and head mixed up for a moment......i was almost disappointed when i realized. i've decided that's the bears fault tho.


How would you understand this sentence:

Hodiaŭ mi ne portas mian surkapon.

(trying again to save a word...)


does cxapelo not mean cap as well?

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