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"My discussions" tab

Why not add another tab named "My discussions" in this forum, with all the discussions I've followed?

December 28, 2012



I totally agree! It's hard to find the discussions I've created I've found!


Could someone from the Duolingo team please address this post? It seems like an obvious feature to have and I'm puzzled as to why this still is unavailable after so many years.


Agreed! Would love to see the responses to the comments I've made


You already can. The moment you comment, you're automatically following the discussion; same case if you start one. My point is that you might want to find a certain discussion later to add something you've just remembered.


i did not find my discussion in that tab....


Case in point, I had totally forgotten about this, until kristinemc replied and I got notified. I would alter something to it now. As of now, this would be more or less useless, since all language discussions would be included. For this to be useful, Duolingo would have to separate "Language Discussions" and "General Discussions", because I have replied in dozens, if not hundreds of language-related discussions.


I would be so much easier to navigate YES, YES!


is there any way currently to see all my posts?


The only way I know of, and this is what I do, is to save them to a folder inside of your browser bookmarks. That's why I posted this in the 1st place.


This is a great idea.


I was just thinking this. One, for easy access to post I'm following, but also for ease of access to ones I'd like to unfollow. I was receiving several emails on a discussion that I didn't want to follow anymore. I rarely access my email from a computer, so because I was getting these on my phone I couldn't easily access the discussion to unfollow it.


that would be great, yes, because now for seeing the answers people gave you, you should scroll downa whole hell of innumerable discussions formed in the meantime.

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