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  5. "Kia fondaĵo estas?"

"Kia fondaĵo estas?"

Translation:What kind of foundation is it?

June 22, 2015



I thought "estas", when being used alone, has the meaning of "there is" or "it is", so not referring to a particular object but rather a general situation.

So wouldn't it make more sense, if the sentence was:

"Kia fondaĵo ĝi estas?"

like a question in this imaginary dialogue : "Ĝi estas fondaĵo. - Ĉu vere? Kia fondaĵo ĝi estas?"

I have trouble understanding the sentence without the reference to a specific thing. And even then the translation should be "What kind of foundation is THERE?" ...shouldn't it?


Yes, "Kia fondaĵo ĝi estas?" is a better way to say "What kind of foundation is it?" In context, when speaking colloquially, sometimes the subject of the sentence falls away, but I think it's a bad habit, especially in writing.

And, yes, "What kind of foundation is there?" is a valid translation for "Kia fondaĵo estas?" (which is accepted here).

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