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"The boy takes the red stone from the mirror."

Translation:Gutten tar den røde steinen fra speilet.

June 22, 2015



I just realised this is a Harry Potter reference. You crazy course contributors!


Why isn't it simplu 'røde steinen'?


In Norwegian when you have a definite noun (e.g. "steinen") that is modified by an adjective, you must put a definite article before the adjective. In this case, you use the masculine "den" to match the gender of "stein".


I guess for emphasis...? Correct me if I'm wrong here.


My thought (and i might be wrong), and at least the way that I have thought about it so far, is that with the adjective there, you are that much further away from seeing that it is a definite form when the 'et' or 'en', etc. is at the end of the phrase.

But my thinking could also be clouded because English puts the definite article at the front.


Du er en trollmann, Harry.

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