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  5. "Eat together!"

"Eat together!"

Translation:Beraber yiyin!

June 22, 2015



What is this "yiyin"? It is the verb yemek and it is imperativ. But if so why is it not "ye" then?


"Ye" would be the singular, informal form. "Yiyin" is the plural form, and probably makes more sense, since the "together" implies that you're talking to multiple people.


Doesn't have to be like tht though! It could be said by a parent reprimanding a kid for not eating together with his sibling.. But that's just my imagination going nuts, lol


So why yiyin and not yeyin?


Yemek is an exception to this rule. Demek (which normally behaves the same as yemek) is not an exception - deyin is correct, not diyin.


Anyone knows the turkish words for (İç , koş , yür , yaz , oku , yüz "sleep" , alı , git , gel , ol ....) in the formal form


The formal form uses the suffix -In with 4-way vowel harmony: için, koşun, yürün, yazın, okuyun, yüzün, alıyın, gidin, gelin, olun …


Andreas... Yürü-(y)ün. "Yürüyün" It is not "yürün" ;)


We not say "yür" and "alı".

"Yürü" and "al" , "İç, koş, yürü, yaz, oku, yüz, al, git, gel, ol ..."

İç-mek(to drink), koş-mak(to run), yürü-mek(to walk), yaz-mak(to write), oku-mak(to read), yüz-mek(to swim), git-mek(to go), gel-mek(to come), ol-mak(to be) ....


Why not yeyin? Somebody else asked that above, but I don´t see that the following comments answer that question. Or at least for me it isn´t visible.

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