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Where can I report specific DL system error? (Problem after testing out a skill)

Few minutes ago I have just finished successfully testing out for a specific skill. In the Activity tab I can now clearly see the record:

"tested out of an Italian skill".

and all the experience points from the testing out have been added.

Problem is that the skill (Directions) on home tab looks like I have never tested it out - it has not gold color as it should have and it shows 0/5 lessons instead 5/5. Have you experienced such a behavior? I tried to find some link in DL UI where it is possible to report the error directly to a bug tracking system, but unsuccessfully - that is the reason why I have created this discussion.

P.S.: Additional notes for developers/testers - I have tested out two skills today, but one about eight hours ago. Maybe that would cause the problem? And an another thing to mention - in the time of second testing out, I have noticed unusually slower responses of the DL. Normally when I click Next button, it takes almost immediately to get the answer, but during this testing out I had to wait for some answers for (I assume) 0-15 seconds...

Tomorrow I will probably retake the same testing out to make all lessons in the skill available and to make for me possible to go to the next skills...

Anyway, thanks for any help.

June 22, 2015



Another info for this specific error - the new learned words from testing out a skill are already in my DL Words tab. But skill icon seems still like I have never practiced it...


UPDATE - Now (after an hour of trying - logging of, refreshing the browser, trying another browser and writing into this discussion) the skill is gold and everything looks fine - I can now go to the next skill...

So it seems like there was definitely no data loss, just some negative UI experience (maybe due to the DL servers load?).

Anyway, the link for reporting such a behavior (for example directly from the UI) would be great...


I am also having the same problem with adjectives2 and demonstratives2 in French.


I just was taking the test to pass out of the next German skill ("Language 0/4" I believe), and about 2 ticks before making it to the end (with no mistakes), it simply bounced me out as if I had just entered the main page. No indication of the (near) success. This is the second time it has happened. The first time, I wrote it off as an anomaly.

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