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Hello everyone,

I was looking for anything in Norwegian that would help me: TV shows, books, music etc.

1) Does anyone know some good TV shows I could watch in Norwegian? I was looking for some comedies or documentaries. Also, they should be viewable for someone who lives outside of Norway. Some Norwegian shows can only be viewed in Norway:( Are there any good ones from NRK?

2) Does anyone know some books in Norwegian? I would like to find ones written in Norway. I don't really want things like the Norwegian version of Harry Potter or anything that has been translated into Norwegian. Just authentic Norwegian stories:)

3) Are there any good podcasts or music I can listen to? I like most types of music. Can you get them on Itunes?

4) Are there any good games or apps I can get on the Appstore (IOS)? I wanted to find some which supported the Norwegian language.

5) Do you know any Norwegian educational media? Any format will do, but I would prefer a book with an audio course or something similar.

Tusen Takk, Your kindness will be rewarded with a lingot:)

June 22, 2015


My favorite Norwegian show is i Kveld med Ylvis (a comedy/talk show, like a mix of Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres), you can find many bits and pieces of their shows scattered on YouTube, but these websites have links to full episodes on YouTube with English subtitles:

Note: This show is really funny, and the Ylvis brothers are quite talented, but they do swear a bit in English, and I think there are a couple videos with nudity (I guess Norway isn't that strict about that sort of thing), but as long as you read the title/description of what you are watching, you should be able to avoid it easily.

And I feel that it wouldn't be fair if I told you about Ylvis and didn't link my favorite videos:

Enjoy :-)

PS Click the "cc" in the bottom right for subtitles.

I found I Kveld med Ylvis just a week a go on Youtube. I love the pranks they do! I love the elevator prank too:) Thanks for letting me know about it as I still haven't watched much of it.

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    I listen to podcasts at work everyday - some favorites being: språkteigen, filmpolitiet, o-fag, radioresepsjonen, ekko & dustene. if you listen on an iphone/ipod you can slow down the audio a bit which is helpful especially in the beginning. I'm a bit obsessed with listening comprehension and by using podcasts I've found that my skills have improved immensely since I started learning a year ago :D

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      Oh and the NRK radio app is great too - I listen to alltid nyheter in the car every morning :D

      I think I need to obsess over listening comprehension, too. I already have trouble with Duolingo's Norwegian TTS.

      A great documentary, which is only available in Norwegian is "Hjernevask" -

      It's a documentary by a Norwegian comedian, dealing with many common scientific misbeliefs, especially concerning the Nature vs Nurture debate.

      I don't know, whether the terms used there are suitable for a beginner or not. However, it's my goal to be able to watch this completely without subtitles. :-)

      Edit: I just want to add, that this show really changed my way of looking at "known facts" in popular/ideological topics. I like the way in which Eia approaches those topics quite unbiased. I think this show is a must-watch even for people who are not interested in learning Norwegian.

      Klar Tale is an "easy to read" online newspaper and podcast:

      The Norwegian comedy series Dag is also fantastic and can be viewed anywhere via:

      It is free to view but you have to set up a login account

      These are the NRK shows that are available to view from abroad:

      Here are some Norwegian authors you might want to check out: Jostein Gaarder, Jens Bjørneboe (one of my favourites), Karl Ove Knausgaard, Tor Åge Bringsværd

      You could try the app Wordfeud, which is a Scrabble clone with support for both Norwegian, English and other languages.

      And I politely decline your lingot offer, I have more than plenty already :)

      Thank you:) Are you sure you don't want a lingot?

      Can you recommend specific novels? I don't care so much about difficulty of the language used, as for the "interestingness" to modern people.

      A problem I had with Spanish books is that I tend to pick ones which are very boring to a slow reader...

      Books: for a beginner I would recommend "Naiv. Super." by Erlend Loe. It's a regular novel, but quite short, and he uses rather short sentences. He's a Norwegian writer from Trondheim.


      Kurt Blir Grusom by Erlend Loe is a very easy and quick read. Naiv. Super. is a better novel than Kurt Blir Grusom.

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