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"Kırmızı elbise gerçekten çok güzeldi."

Translation:The red dress was really very beautiful.

June 22, 2015



The English sentence was really very rubbish


Shouldn't '' The red dress was really really beautiful'' also be correct? I know that it isn't grammatically correct but the repeated ''really'' emphasises that the dress is super beautiful.


Hmmmm...I think I might add it for fun. I would say that for sure in English :D


I tried "truly" for gerçekten. It came out as wrong. Is that the case or just a missing translation?


"truly" should definitely be accepted.


Why isn't "indeed" accepted as translation for "gerçekten"? It came out as wrong :(


So, in the explanation for past copulas, it said that -idi is added to adjectives, and the first i is ommited for the buffer consonant if the adjective ends with a vowel. However, güzel ends in a consonant, and still it is güzeldi and not güzelidi?


You would just drop the -i. Basically, Turkish grammarians still use the old words to describe things that are not used anymore. "idi" as a past tense marker is really not used in contemporary Turkish, and its replacement -(y)di is much more common. Since 'güzel" ends in a consonant, you would drop the -y off of -ydi and just get -di :)


I write exactly that and still it is not approved

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