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"The vegetarian is not eating the pork."

Translation:Vegetaren spiser ikke svinekødet.

June 22, 2015



Could it not be "flæsk" instead of svinekødet?


I remember "svinekød" because it sounds like 'Sweeney Todd'.


Vegetaren spiser ikke svinekød.


Needs the definite article: "the" pork -> svinekødet


I've heard the -et ending is spoken with a soft d, but the (male) voice speaks it as a clear t. Is that some accent thing, or is there an exception because there's a soft d at the end of the syllable before and two soft ds in a row with only an almost silent vowel in between would be very annoying to pronounce, or is it just a mistake?


It is svinkødet.


Well I hope so, as vegetarians don't eat meat XD


The prononciation is funny: vegetar én!!!


im confused, how do we pronounce vegetar/vegetarerne/vegetaren?? Do we pronounce the g or not?


We do pronounce the g... the TTS for some reason treats this word as if it is speaking the separate parts of it. It is the case with a few words since the course got a new TTS back in December. Unfortunately correcting this is very time consuming and difficult, so it will take some time before this gets corrected. Try looking up words on forvo.com or maybe on ordnet.dk to hear a more correct pronunciation.


In denmark you more and more use flæskekød in stead of svinekød

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