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  5. Ho finito l'arbero italiano!


Ho finito l'arbero italiano!

Thank you to the Italian team and everyone else part of the Duolingo team! This was the first course I did (second one I finished) and it was really fun! Except for clitics. But other than that, it was great!

Is there a course (other than French) which would be good to do next?

June 22, 2015



If you live in the US, then Spanish is very useful and it has a great literature. The same is true with German if you live in Europe. Although, both are pretty useful anywhere. And if you're looking for an easy language there's Esperanto.


Thanks for your advice! I think I'll try Spanish, as it's more closely related to Italian than German.


I assume you can converse (speak and listen ) in italian fluently and watch italian movies/tv ,?


I did the Italian tree too. At least I think I did. I finished all the circles and took a break to do Portuguese which I already studied once before. I am however still far from fluent in Italian. What is clitics?

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