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"Mi volis gasti ĉe iu, sed finfine mi iris al hotelo."

Translation:I wanted to stay with someone, but finally I went to a hotel.

June 22, 2015



"I wanted to stay over with somebody but in the end I went to a hotel" marked wrong. Is it okay?


Yeah. Report it. :)


What does the "over" do in that sentence? Is this another common difference between American and English or is it a local dialect thing?


Why is it "ĉe iu" and not "kun iu"?


Adamo and Sofia stay at Ludoviko's home = Adamo kun Sofia gastas ĉe Ludoviko


Is "I wanted to stay with someone but at last I went to a hotel" wrong?

[deactivated user]

    "be put up" might be accurate but "put up" is better. I'm reporting it (without much hope, because they never take any notice).


    "Be put up" is when you are the guest. "Put up" is when you are the host. So it wouldn't be right.


    Don't give up hope. They actually do take notice. BUT, you only get a response if they agree with your report.


    "I wanted to stay with someone, but finally I went to a hotel." was marked as having a typo "a" but the source sentence is "al hotelo", not "al __la__ hotelo".

    The reporting options don't really allow me to properly report it.

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