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Have different courses in different native languages.

I'm currently learning Esperanto for English speakers however i'm also interested in German but i'm a Spanish native speaker so i'd like to take the German course for Spanish speakers and the thing is that I cannot be subscribed to both courses apparently because they're for different native speakers, so either I course Esperanto or German. Is there any way to get around this?

June 22, 2015



You can have different courses in different native languages, it just doesn't show up correctly.

Whenever you want to switch to the other language, you click "Add a new course", and select the course.

It won't reset the progress and it'll continue where you left off.


Yup. And for easier course switching, either bookmark the starting pages (the ones that say "start this course") or try the Language Course Switcher userscript.


This is what I was looking for, although I hope a proper implementation is made in the future. Thanks for the tip!


Unfortunately the script is not up-to-date.


Yes I noticed that the course won't reset, what i'm trying to say is that it's quite inconvenient to switch courses because I have to switch my native language first and then go to the available courses and select the course as if I was selecting it for the first time so I was wondering if there was a easier way to switch courses for different native speakers.

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