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  5. "O benim oğlum."

"O benim oğlum."

Translation:He is my son.

June 22, 2015



If anyone else is wondering why the word for son is oğul but why "my son" is oğlum, this is an example of vowel loss.

This link should be helpful.


that's very good. thanks! So i guess most 2-syllabus nouns lose their vowel, right?


Well there are many that don't lose it.

It only happens in words that have two syllables whose second vowel is ı - i - u or ü, like: oğul, resim, hüzün, karın - which all become oğlum, resmim, hüznüm, karnım in possessive first person for example. But not all such words undergo this change. For example: Kılıç (sword) is kılıcım and not "kılcım".

But at least now you know that if you see a random word like "sedef" for example, you will automatically know that it won't lose any vowels, because its second vowel is not "ı, i, u" or "ü". So there you go.


Can "oğul" be used for daughter? or should we use "kız", or even a third word?


You would always use 'kız" for daughter. :)


Thanks. It is abit irrelevant, but does Ahmet Davut0ğlu's name mean (Ahmed, the son of David?)


Well its a proper noun, so, you should write it as a turkish, you dont need to translate it


The link for explaination of vowel loss isn't working, help?


It worker for me. You can find information on it from "Manisa Turkish" which is where the link takes you.

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