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Verb Tenses

I have been a little confused about Turkish verb tenses. It seems like their are over fifteen. Are all these tenses necessary or is it fine to just memorize four of five (past, present, future, Aorist, imperfect)? I have prior experience with languages and the verb conjugation in Turkish is not that hard, but there are so many tenses. I got say though, Turkish has one of the coolest grammar systems I have seen. I like how it operates. I'm Just wondering what the essential (need to know) tenses are for normal speech. Thanks:)

June 23, 2015



If I'm not wrong, there are 27 tenses. It also depends on how you count them though.

You can survive without knowing any of them, speaking like Tarzan, only with infinitives. But yeah, the most imporatnt ones are probably past, present and future.


I depends on why you are learning Turkish. To be understood, you should probably have a good command of all of the tenses in the course. There are plenty more though that are used pretty often in daily discourse. Some of them (like the double past tense) aren't that necessary.

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