"It is expensive."

Translation:Це - дорого.

June 23, 2015

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I thought it could also be "Це коштує дорого"?

I'd answered "Це коштує дешево" for a translation of "It is cheap.", several questions ago, and it was correct. Am I missing something?


Both options are correct, but the word коштує is unnecessary in this sentence because word дорого already mean price


What about Це - дорогий or Це - дороге ?


If you say це instead of "це" you can :) But that would change the meaning, of course. The meaning of оце/оця/оцей is like the English "this one", and "оце" is special in the same way "це" is - it can be a general word if you don't know the gender.

-- Що ти хочеш на вечерю? (What do you want for breakfast?)

-- Оце! (This!)

So you don't have to care about genders here.

So! ~~> Оце дорогий! or Оце дорога! works if you are pointing at something and saying it, that would be "What an expensive thing!". Similar to the Spanish "que" ("Que caro!")

Works with nouns: Оце дівчина! (What a girl!)

Whoa, didn't plan to write such an extensive response, really, got carried away O_o


Справді чудове пояснення! Але здається "вечеря" має бути "dinner" або "supper" англійською:)


Це - дорогий - that's not what one would really say. But Це дорогий диван (or whatever) (It's an expensive couch) is a totally legit phrase.

Дорого is an adverb, you can use it to just say that price is too high, without specifying an object


the English phrase "it is expensive" can be translated into Ukrainian in several ways (not all the ways are added as possible in DL) - for example, це дорого, він дорогий, вона дорога, воно дороге because of the absence of gender in English phrase. But I don't know what variants the developers consider right


I thought that "дорогий" it's Russian word for "коштовний". Maybe "коштовний" I can apply only when I talk about price.

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    It only accepted my answer when I transliterated дорого as doroko. Is this an issue with how the г is pronounced?

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