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  5. "Hva har du lyst på?"

"Hva har du lyst på?"

Translation:What would you like?

June 23, 2015



Is there any difference in meaning or politeness compared to 'Hva vil du ha?'

Which is more common?


I love the literal meaning of this: "What have you lust on?" (i.e. Desire of).


"What do you want?" sounds quite agressive... "What would you like to do?", which is actually accepted as a correct answer too, is much more along the lines of what "Hva har du lyst på?" means... I hope this doesn't give people the impression that Norwegians are impolite! ;)


It's actually more along the lines of "What would you like (to eat/drink)".

If you swap 'på' with 'til' in this sentence, then you're asking about what someone wants to do, though you could still ask someone "Hva har du lyst til å spise?".

The translations should be in order now. :)


Wow, thanks! So it is indeed almost like the Dutch "Waar heb je zin in?", but not quite. :D


After getting burned by guessing "What do you want to do?", I didn't try it, but would "What are you in the mood for?" be a correct translation?


Yes, "What are you in the mood for?" works.

For your first guess the Norwegian sentence would have had to be "Hva har du lyst til (å gjøre)?". "Å ha lyst " is used in relation to food and objects.


Surely 'what do you wish for?' Should be accepted?


But that would likely use the verb å ønske instead, since that is closer to wishing. Å ha lyst pa is more about having desire than wishing.


Typo: "lyst på", not "lyst pa"


I am really struggling to work out when to use 'ha' and when to use 'har'. Anyone got an easy way to remember? I saw an answer posted somewhere here earlier about har being present and ha being imperative, but that didn't help, I still keep getting it wrong...


As I understand it, 'ha' is the infinitive of 'har' (å ha) and is used on its own after modal verbs such as 'vil', 'kan' and 'må'.

So, 'jeg vil ha' - 'ha' is used because it's following 'vil'.

Sorry, I don't know if that's any help...


OK, thanks. That seems logical, I'll see how I get on :)


Jeg vet ikke helt om jeg har noe lyst.

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