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Norwegian on mobile.

Morning :D! I wish to begin the study of Norwegian, but it's only via browser and it's not so handy. Is it possible to follow the course via mobile version of Duolingo?

Best regards!

June 23, 2015



The course is available on the iPhone app, I think it was released about a week ago. If you use a different type of phone (such as an Android) I'm not so sure, sorry, but if it's not available yet it should be pretty soon!


I'm on Android, and it's not available at the moment :. I hope that my old iPod Touch will be enough for beginning the course there. Thanks anyway!!!!


Oh, that's a shame :( Well, since the course is already released on one mobile platform I'm sure you'll only have to wait a few weeks at the very most. I hope you enjoy Norwegian! I've started a bit of the course and it's really fun so far :)


Thanks xD! I hope that it will be available soon also on Android^^. But I still begin it from another device, so... It's not that bad.


The mobile Duolingo site just through your regular browser works great and is nearly indistinguishable from the app.

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You can use the website on your Android/Windows phone. The website scales down and is almost like the website. :)



I'm having the same problem! It doesn't seem to work well on android. I say it doesn't work well because when I click my google now notifications for learning a lesson, it gets me there and it works. Let's hope the next update fixes this bug!

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