"Is this a mother?"

Translation:Це мати?

June 23, 2015

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I haven't got a cyrillic keyboard, so I wrote "mati" instead of "matȳ" or "мати" for mom, and it said I wrote it wrong due the "ȳ" thing.


I have a question: why was the english translation: is there A mother? Why was the ''A'' added? I know that articles aren't a part of the ukrainian grammar but how could you stress the fact that you are asking ''is there a mother there?'' instead of asking for a specific mother?


Firstly, is this a mother.

Secondly, both "Is this the mother" and "Is this a mother" work fine, depending on the context.


Yeah okay fine then, but my question is: how can you stress the fact tha tyou are asking for a specific mother OR that you are not asking for a specific mother but just for any kind of mother? Is there any way?


If you are looking for some specific mother, just specify that explicitly! :)


You can say "this mother" (ця мати) or "that mother" (та мати) or "my/your/his/her/... mother" (моя/твоя/його/її/... мати) or even "that specific mother" (та конкретна мати) xD

The other camp would be "any mother" (будь-яка мати), "some mother" (якась мати), "any kind of mother" (яка-небудь мати) and so on and so forth


How do you type this without changing your keyboard? I did my best guess and was counted wrong.


I think "Tsi" also should be accepted


so, i am wondering why "мати" and not "мама"?


I am not a native ukrainian, but i think it could be just another word for mother...my native language is also a slavic one, and we have also quite a few words for mother like: Мама, Матер, Мати, (the colloquial ones) and Мајка (the standard and most formal one)...kind regards :)


ah. ok. thanks!


Мати is mother, мама is mom, here is the difference :).

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