"They have yours."

Translation:De har deres.

June 23, 2015



So... what's the difference between "De har din." and "De har deres."? Both are correct according to duolingo.

Takk på forhånd.


The former uses the 2nd person singular version of the possessive, and the latter uses the 2nd person plural. Norwegian has different words for the singular and the plural, while English uses "yours" for either.

While you wouldn't make the distinction in written English, you can think of them as "yours" vs "you all's" if it helps.


Is this like in german, where you say "dein" for something of one persons, and "ihres" for more persons?


Nope, ihres is both singular and plural in formal tone. Plural equivalent of "dein" is "eures"


Why "har deres" and not "har dine"?? Please someone help


same question... It does much more sense to use DINE, bcs its YOURS not THEIRS!!! HELP US SOMEONE


I agree......they have theirs is not the same as they have yours without context you can't tell what it means. Per duolingo tips which say "Notice how deres can mean your (pl.) or their. You will be able to tell the difference through context." This is a time waster but it also shows that there are times that taking a raw sentence is just not translatable. Duolingo accepts both answers but does not present both answers or explains. This is just a tough call and why I have cut my time spent on Duolingo learning section and added google translate and rereading the tips and digging into the Duolingo dictionary for words an examples. It slows the learning process down but right now it's better than not learning at all.

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