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  5. "Biz her gün tavuk yerdik."

"Biz her gün tavuk yerdik."

Translation:We used to eat chicken every day.

June 23, 2015



why is the ending of yerdik a k instead of iz


The "we" ending for the past -di is always -dik (with appropriate consonant and vowel harmony).

I'm not sure why when "we" usually ends in -z but for this ending it's different.


For any verb tense that ends in the past suffix or the subjunctive suffix, it will take a -k. It is left over from the older Turkic language. :)


The actual reason is combined verb with copula "yer idik".


For some reason I got carried away and wrote "We used to have chicken every day". Surely it's also a correct way of saying the same thing in English, right?


I am really disturbed with the horrible pronunciation of some words here. How the hell she pronunciates "tavuk"? Taaavuk... Wrong!!! Tavuk! With a short "a"!


it is indeed wrong.

But "she" is a text-to-speech program and although "she" is not great, "she" is the best one available.


I accept, those times I was a bit harsh on Duo :D Meanwhile they improved it quite well. But it seems this "taavuk" stayed the same :D


Isn't "used to" (strictly speaking) unnecessary here because "every day" implies repetiton?


The pronunciation of 'tavuk' sounds weird. It should be tavuk not taavuk.


Sometimes this system is pretty fussy. "Daily" is a perfectly reasonable way to translate "her gün."


How would we say "We used to eat a chicken every day.", meaning "one chicken per day"?

"Biz her gün bir tavuk yerdik."?


Yep, this is a case where you would need to include the article to clear up the meaning :)


Okay we need to fix when we should use "used" vs "use to" some of the examples should say "use to" but i am forced to use "used" everytime. Its very confusing to have to remember to type it incorrectly in English.


we used to eat chicken is correct.

we use to eat chicken is not correct.

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