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Immersion, like for real

[deactivated user]

    I was excited when I saw the Immersion tab. I thought "This site has immersion learning too?" But I was a bit disappointed to learn that Immersion does not appear to involve links to videos, songs, and blogs to help immerse oneself in a given language.

    Having said that, what are your favorite Spanish YouTubers, bloggers, movies, or songs? Do you have any recommendations for me?

    And secondly, do you like to surround yourself with the language you're learning? Or do you prefer to only consume it in bite-sized pieces that don't intimidate you?

    3 years ago


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    • HolaSoyGerman is one of the best YouTube video bloggers. ¡Él habla muy rápido!
    • enChufeTv . . . you can thank me later
    • Will Farrell's "Casa de Mi Padre" . . . you're getting an American speaking Spanish, Mexicans speaking Spanish and Genesis Rodriguez of Venezuelan and Cuban descent trying to sound like she is from México. If you don't like Farrell, skip this movie but linguistically it is very interesting.
    • "Juan De Los Muertos" similar to Shaun of the Dead but in Cuba
    • Phone Conversations . . . I find this resource invaluable, sorry it doesn't have a transcript or translation. It's great practice for listening.

    2nd: I surround myself in the language. Bite-sized doesn't help.

    3 years ago

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    It really helps me to listen to a Spanish radio station when I'm doing mindless stuff like cleaning or ironing. If you google "listen to spanish radio online" you get a long list with radio stations you could listen to.

    3 years ago


    (Let me help you with your spanish a bit) yo se muchas canciones en español y yo tengo muchas favoritas. Escucho mucha musica de Celia Cruz, La India, Ruben Blades, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Plan B (raggaeton), Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Willie Colon, Son by Four, y muchas mas! ¡Buenas suerte! Oh, and I like to submerse myself when possible.

    3 years ago


    Hi Jenny, you're right, "immersion" is a bit of a misnomer, and to be frank, I myself wouldn't enjoy or use that feature.

    As for content, the Spanish TV game show "Saber y ganar" is fantastic, although I miss quite a bit of it, I catch more and more. Scroll down on their website to find older shows, they add full Spanish caption to their shows but only after a week or so.

    I listen to French online radio or podcasts all day at work, it blocks out the chatter of my colleagues, I'm in my own French world.. I started listening to some Spanish podcasts, too.

    3 years ago


    I wrote this awhile ago and there are a few others out there but the forum isn't well organised! It will keep you busy!!


    3 years ago

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    Full-speed immersion is useful to get a sense of what things sound or look like, but I find that to learn, it's faster using material where I can understand a good bit of what's going on, and then learn by and in context. So things like reading things where I only have to look up 1 word out of every 20, or reading something while listening to the audiobook at the same time, or listening to songs and reading lyrics, etc.

    3 years ago


    I began learning Spanish in earnest only after moving to South America. Being surrounded by the language, spoken by native speakers, enabled me to develop my "ear", which was the key to really making practical progress. When I moved to Mexico last year, I felt like I had to almost start all over because the accent was so different. However, I now have my "ear" adjusted to Mexican Spanish and am making great progress again.

    3 years ago


    "For real" feels really good. I live in a ~50% Mexican neighborhood and can attempt to have a mediocre (from my end of course) conversation daily and I do. That's great fun and more useful than lots of things I do to learn.

    Another thing I tried today for the first time was to find out my local library has at least a shelf of Spanish language books. I don't even like this book, but I'm reading it (Abduccion by Robin Cook) and it's a lot of fun to try to read correctly. I was thinking that if I get through this book or even a chapter, I'll just get Spanish books for awhile. The main library has a full Spanish section.

    3 years ago


    Well living in south Florida helps with my Spanish immersion, but I understand that's not exactly an option for everyone.

    Netflix has plenty of movies and tv shows in Spanish.

    For bands I enjoy 'Hello Seashorse!' and 'enjambré'.

    reddit.com/r/spanish is also a fairly good resource.

    3 years ago


    Good topic! Thanks. I watch netflix or dramafever tv dramas/movies with Spanish subtitles. Or favorite movies dubbed with subtitles. Plus, I live in Los Angeles.

    3 years ago


    I just found 22 videos that seem quite good! Have a look! Easy Spanish - Learn Spanish from the Streets! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA5UIoabheFMo9oB_AF7JftV34ecOalvM

    3 years ago

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    Lighspeedspanish (.com) has a lot of youtube videos. The beginner and intermediate are in English, but then they switch to all Spanish. In addition, they have some videos where they are just interviewing native speakers so you can judge yourself against that.

    3 years ago