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[suggestion] quick language changing across different "native languages"

Dear Staff,

this is bothering me for a while. I started some time ago to learn italian on duolingo. There was (and is) no italian-course for german speakers, so i tried the course for english speakers and I enjoy it still today. But with the expansion of duolingo you added some courses for native german speakers. So I started the "english for germans" track, just to improve my english skills further. I would have loved to use the quick-change button next to the profile pic but it only works for tracks with the same starting language. To change between different native language tracks was too much effort to do it at least two times a day, so I gave up my english course and only focused on italian. I left duolingo a year ago, mainly because i was occupied with my graduation. Now I returned to my italian-for-english-natives to restore my knowledge and am also eager to use the french-for-german-natives track to recover and improve the sad remains of my highschool french. But sadly, the difficulties to switch between my courses still exist and are a huge draw-back for my motivation. I don't believe that this is a problem many learners share with me but I hope that it's an easy programming task to list all courses I have subscribed.

Thanks for reading and for creating duolingo!

June 23, 2015



I completely agree with you. I came so as to post exactly the same thing.

I am currently learning Esperanto and I do it in English since there is no Esperanto-for-Hispanophones course and want to simultaneously learn French in Spanish. Due to the lack of a proper, quick system for changing between languages I will do French in English and not in Spanish which is my native language along with Catalan.


I have the same problem bro, there is almost nothing for portuguese natives. NOW there is german, but in the past I had to start it as english speaker. This switching trouble bother me too.


same issue here, i started "french for english speakers" and "english for italian speakers" and switching is not intuitive, would be great to find the two courses in the flag popup menu on the left of login name.(maybe a flag made half with teaching language flag and half with learning language) Anyway i'm newbie and i find duolingo quite nice, also on phone


I don't find 3 steps that intimidating. Clicking the Change language icon (flag symbol on left side of home page) will take you to https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction. Here you can select the course from the drop down list and then save changes.

There is also a user script available, if you prefer that.


I am sure that it would not be that hard to implement some quick mechanism to change between languages so his suggestion is in my opinion totally fine even if those three steps are not "that intimidating".

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