"Цей суп з морквою?"

Translation:Is this soup with carrots?

June 23, 2015

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"Does this soup have carrots" is far more natural in English than "Is this soup with carrots" which no native English speaker would say.


I was just marked incorrect for "Does this soup have carrot in it?", which is how we'd say it in the U.S.


Normally, we'd say "carrots" in English.


We'd say either. Carrots would be multiple whole carrots, carrot would be an indefinite amount of "stuff" such as chopped up or pureed carrot, might be a single carrot or half of one, etc.


We would probably say just 'carrot soup' (if there is such a thing).


Carrot is part of the recipe of the many soups here, but in small amounts usually, so we can hardly say that that's "carrot soup" :)


Then the (currently marked incorrect) "Does this soup have carrot in it?" should be marked as correct.


I think the difference here is between "цей суп з морквою?" and "це суп з морквою?" which is the difference between "Does this soup have carrots in it?" and "Is this carrot soup?" And, yes, there is carrot soup. It's a puree like cream soup. Very tasty, I might add.


Why I may not use 'carrot' here?


I think should be OK... Hard to say... Depends on how important the carrots are in the soup! :D

If it's on the same level as "soup with potatoes", "soup with mushrooms" --> "soup with carrots" (important ingredient)

If it's more like a spice or an addition I guess you could say "soup with carrot" like "soup with garlic" or what.

[semi-joking, no idea, I'd still prefer "with carrots"]


I'd also indeed prefer "with carrots". But з морквою is singular, so I think it should also be accepted :P There are a lot of these examples, mainly because the Ukrainian team went after some rules of which solutions they'd make correct, so they could finish it sooner (so we could learn Ukrainian sooner), and this is probably why it takes Ukrainian so long too graduate from beta.. The best thing we can do is to deal with the pain everytime we get a "wrong" and report it everytime :P I understand if not all the answers get accepted, because I'm sure the Ukrainian team gets a LOT of those reports, but at least they emailed me that they accept some of these I reported ;) Keep calm and report those!


Exactly my attitude! Keep calm and lose hearts xD I do too, being a native speaker, because I submit a lot of answers that are not accounted for :/ Can't test out of sections to see the exercises :)


Exactly ;) It's just always annoying to see like "You used the wrong word" when the sentence actually makes more sense with that word :D It's like I feel "OMFG I HATE YOU, I CAN'T ARGUE WITH YOU ARRRGH" hahaha. Joke aside, we must just report it everytime ;) And more reports are better than no reports, because then the course will graduate way faster. Anyways, good language learning! I'm so happy to finally have conquered the Ukrainian tree :D


You folks (like in several Duolingo courses) need a native English speaker on the team vetting "correct" answers. If it's a soup primarily with carrot, the translation would be, "Is this carrot soup?" If it's some generic or unknown type of soup, it would be,. "Does this soup have carrot in it?"


I think the difference here is between "цей суп з морквою?" and "це суп з морквою?" which is the difference between "Does this soup have carrots in it?" and "Is this carrot soup?" PS I agree wholeheartedly about native English professionals working on the program.


Re: Audio: the speaker said: "Цей суп з морвою." She did not raise her voice at the end of the sentence making it a statement and not a question. Which is what I wrote it as - and it was marked wrong!!

The speaker should have either 'raised her voice at the end of the sentence OR said: "Чи цей суп з морквою?" ( "Чи ця зупа з морквою?"/"Чи ця зупа має моркву?")


А слово "Зупа"? Ми так говоримо в дома. Думаю що слово приходить з Італійського.


І як я могла зрозуміти, що морква в множині???


A dish X with Y implies that X and Y are separate. So, Is this soup with carrots asks if carrots would be provided (probably separately) with the soup. So, as others have noted above, the approved answer is not a natural question in English.

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