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  5. "Det er en god karakter."

"Det er en god karakter."

Translation:It is a good grade.

June 23, 2015



Does "karakter" also mean "character", either in the sense of "person in a story" or in the sense of "element of written language; letter" - or both?


It could mean the former; a character in a play, film, or book, and could also be used to describe a strange or amusing person much like in English - even if that wouldn't fit with this particular sentence.

For the latter you can use 'tegn', but that covers symbols as well. 'Tegn' can also be used to mean 'mark', 'sign' or 'omen', and is often found in composite nouns:

et dårlig tegn = a bad omen
ingen tegn til bedring = no sign of improvement
kjennetegn = charecteristic, (defining) attribute or feature
tall(tegn) = number
bokstav(tegn) = letter

However, if you're strictly referring to letters, then 'bokstaver' is usually the better word.


Tusen takk! Tegn looks to be the same word as "teken" in Dutch, which has the same meanings.


'person in a story' = 'rollefigur (m)'

'element of a written language' = 'bokstav (m)'


And how about ones character as in the way one behaves?


That would be 'karakter' :)

I should also clarify: 'karakter' can mean a person in a story, but this is due to English influence, and traditionally not common. Rollefigur should be used in that case.


Is the plural of karakter karaktere or karakterer?


"That is a good grade" not accepted? Though that was the answer in the previous exercise. "Det", depending on context, can mean both "it" and "that", right?


It's accepted on our end.


i put "that is a good attitude." haha. guess that word has lots of meanings.


It sounds like the d in god isn't pronounced. Is that right?


That's correct. You'll hear both, depending on stress and dialect.


Is it ever the case that a final (and otherwise silent) consonant, is pronounced because it precedes a word that starts with a vowel? (As in French)

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