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You get into a Catch 22 which prevents progress

Hi I have got down as far as Modal Verbs, but I cannot progree any further as I am spending all my time trying to keep the experience bars at full rather than moving on to new topics! How do you move on and maintain the bars at full without spending your whole day on Duolingo???

The bars go down too quickly! I go in every day???

What is the secret? It is sooo frustrating

June 23, 2015



I refresh 2-5 lessons a day and do 1-2 new ones. That mostly keeps things gold, or close to it, and keeps me moving forward.


Your tree doesn't have to be gold when you finish it. But, keeping things gold will help keep them in your memory. After you finish the tree, you can always go back and gold things again.


I know, it is very frustrating! But try to believe that the repetition is consolidating what you've learned in your memory, so that you really know it, rather than know it just well enough to pass the skill. When you want to finish the tree, it's very easy to grow impatience, which I think is the root cause of the frustration.


Well, not sure if it's a secret but if you were as slow as me in progressing, the tree would retain the golden sheen longer. I rarely see any skills lose the golden colour.


I agree about consolidation, but I am in the loop, I get about 2/3rds down the list topping up then the ones at the top need redoing again - hence not progressing on to new topics


You could try doing at least one or two new lessons per day, then spend a little time on the skills that need refreshing depending on how much time you have. You might not have all previous skills gold before progressing, but at least you can start to move on.

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