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"They are drinking the soup with salt."

Translation:Çorbayı tuzlu içiyorlar.

June 23, 2015



Has "çorbayı sütlü içiyorlar" a different meaning than "sütlü çorbayı içiyorlar"? I don't understand what is the correct word order here...


Yes, one is an adjective (sütlü çorbayı) meaning "soup with (made with) milk." The other is an adverb describing how you eat it. (çorbayı sütlü..." It can mean that you drink your soup after you add milk or you drink it with milk on the side. This sentence is vague in the English :)


So, tuzlu çorbayı would mean "the salty soup" rather than "the soup with salt"?


now what about sutli corbayi?


Does the lar in içiyorlar mean that "They" are humans? Just checking if I understand correctly.


This sentence have the meaning that they are drinking it at this same moment and they are drinking a specific tea. But if I say "onlar tuzlu çorba içer(ler)" that means that is their habit, they are doing that on a daily basis?


Why sentence " tuzlu çorba içiyorlar" is not correct?


It should be "tuzlu çorbayı" please make correction. Thanks


It doesn't have to be this, although we accept it.

This isn't referring to a type of soup, but rather the matter in which you eat it. Some people don't add salt, but they do!

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