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Problem with Custom XP Goal script

I am having a quiet atypical problem: I used the "Custom XP Goal" userscript (http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts) and in a childish impulse I set my daily goal to 1.2345678765432123e+22 which is a huge number and when I tried to restore it to a more normal value such as 50-100 I had the following problem:


The page would not load. Not at all. I tried deinstalling the script, using another browser but I was not able to restore it in any of these ways.

Please help Duo to be happy:


What could I do so as to implement the standard 50 XP per day goal?

Many thanks in advance!

June 23, 2015



So I'm happy to announce my problem.

This is how I did it for if someone ever happens to have the same problem:

I did it with an iPhone of a friend of mine, I thought that since the app is written with another code I might have some chances there... but it wouldn't work. Any time I tipped my username and pass it reluctantly tried it but never accomplished to enter into my account since it detected that something was wrong. But I could see the option "profile" for a short interval of time. So after trying it many times I could click on "profile" before it went away and then I was capable of reseting my daily goal to 50

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