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Arabic influence on the Spanish Language

Anybody who speaks Spanish and English also speaks Arabic. Take the Arabic Al Qutn. In Spain under 700 years of Arab occupation it became Algodon (Al Godon) and finally in English it becomes cotton. The case is the same with the rank of admiral. In Arabic the phrase "amir-al-baHr" meant "Commander of the sea." During the crusades this term was brought back to Europe where in Spain and Portugal it became "almirante" and in England " Admiral. There are several thousand Arabic words in the Spanish Language. If you are a foody, there are a number of Arabic terms we often use without even thinking of the original source. It is useful to take a side trip through this part of Spanish history as it helps understand word sources and perhaps even some speech patterns that seem odd to English speakers.

October 8, 2013



"Ragazzo" in Italian is also Arabic. They got invaded too.


It comes from the Medieaval Latin word ragatius, which is derived from the Arabic word raqqas, which means messenger.

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