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Esperanto! Go!

Okay! I need to put this post up to keep inspiring me to continue studying Esperanto! (Since recently I've been freaking out everytime I start back on Spanish, and I've been wanting the Duolingo Esperanto course since last year.)

I need some hardcore motivation to not run away and worry about talking with people. When I started a grammar course on it last year it gave me a much better idea on exactly how to understand grammar, but since then I haven't done much.

Though now that the esperanto course is on the app, and it's summer vacation, I'm much more excited to start to get into it. I just wanted to brave the forum & say hello! Saluton! (Is there a skype/oovoo group happening for Esperanto already or will?)

June 23, 2015



I may be helpful. Especially about reading.


Good luck with the Esperanto course! It is a very different and interesting language. You can do it!

Lycka till med den esperantiska kursen! Den är en väldigt och intressant språk. Du klarar det!


Saluton! Esperanto estas tre facila, kaj post jxus kelkaj semajnoj, vi povas paroli tre bone, se vi ankaux praktiki parolado KUN via legado kaj skribado.

The biggest key is to push beyond the Duo tree and have conversations with other Esperantists--those at your level, and above it. It's an easy language to learn. In my area, Syracuse NY, there aren't many other Esperantists, so aside from my wife, 99% of my interaction is via Skype, Lernu, or Duolingo. There are plenty of people to talk with online in Esperanto, who are willing to listen, learn, and help--I'm one of them. I chat with several people (inane stuff, but that's what builds fluency). Feel free to message me at travis.black.knight on Skype, or head over to the Lernu forums or Esperanto subeddit, where there are always people willing to talk!


Ĉu? Laŭ mia scio, ja ekzistas Syracuse-a klubo. Jen! https://twitter.com/syresp


Tiu grupo ne respondis al miaj demandoj, kiam mi provis paroli kun ili. :( Ankaux, la Sirakusa regiono estas tre granda. Gxi estas cxio de meza Novjorko.


I might take you up on that, thank you! It's taking the initiative to hold language learning conversations that I need a boost in. I'll see about Lernu too.


Ah, you're in Syracuse? That's just a 3 hour drive from ARE (Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto) on Oct 10-12, so you might enjoy going to that. :) http://www.esperanto.qc.ca/eo/are


Carpools available. :-)


Mr Knight - Has there been any update on this in the last 8 months? I wish I'd seen this message sooner. Syracuse is a GREAT place to be for Esperanto these days. I am in regular contact with the Syracuse folks and have been to Syracuse for Esperanto many times - and at least twice in the 8 months. I also organized an Esperanto weekend in Rochester at the end of January and we had four people from Syracuse participate. I consider the motor of the Syracuse group to be a dear friend. I'm curious how you tried to contact them. You mention unanswered questions -- what do you need to know? My friend is like 20 minutes from North Syracuse.


Saluton! Se vi ja estas en novjorko, estas atingeblaj vizaĝ-al-vizaĝaj renkontiĝoj en la regiono. Since esperantujo is almost all people who learned from scratch the same way you're doing, they tend to be super patient with beginners!


Mi scias, sed en mia urbo, nur estas tre malgranda grupo, kiu mi ne povas kontakti. Mi ne kredas ke ili estas tre aktiva.


kdskajpnomo - add me on skype anybody and i can add you to a group


There is no such thing as a difficult language, only the amount of effort and time we are willing to invest in the skill. Therefore, I understand the need for motivation quite clearly. However, I think you need to find something deeper than immediate gratification to inspire/motivate you to learn the language. This can be a girl/boy/both, literature, food, music, culture, etc. When your motivation is defined and it fuels you endlessly, then even a day without the language will feel like a lifetime lost.

[deactivated user]

    I added the course today, but not sure whether to learn or not, maybe if you helped me?!?!


    By the way, i want a Skype partner too. But i am learning italian. Couldn`t someone help me with this?


    Se vi ne povas trovi ajn iu por paroli la italan, mi rekomendas vin sercas cxe myfreelanguageexchange.com, kie mi trovas mian unuan partneron por praktiki Esperanton!


    Saluton ankaux. Kiel vi fartas, amiko?


    Dankon! Mi estas bona.


    saluton! I'm also trying to particularly do lots of the Esperanto tree during the summer holiday (before I go away for a month without internet :S). can i ask what oovoo is?


    Oovoo's a lot like skype! It's just easier to make group calls in my opinion.

    [deactivated user]

      Skype is great. Also, check to see if there is an esperanto group in your area. I went to a Mekaro Renkontigxo (mid Canada meeting) in Toronto and met lots of really great people of various ages, careers, and esperanto ability. It was fun and really kick-started my desire to learn esperanto again.


      Mi provis, sed en mia urbo, nur estas tre malgranda kaj tre malaktiva grupo, kiu ne respondis al mia demandoj. :( 99% da mia Esperantaj aktivitoj estas sur la ret.

      [deactivated user]

        Estas malfacile. Skype estas bona ideo. ... SED, vi estas nur 4 horoj de Toronto, aux Montrealo. Venu por via libertempo?


        Kiu havas libertempon? Ne mi. Mi instruas, kaj mi donas cxion de mia libertempon al miaj studentoj. Kaj, la flanko de nia landoj estas tre malfacila por veturi, cxar estas grandega lago inter niaj landoj. Oni devas iri cxirkaux la logo, kaj ambaux loko havas malfleksa gardistoj. Estas ne amuza. Estas tima, vere.

        [deactivated user]

          Do, Skype estas la bona eleko por vi. Ne estas bona por mi, malgxoje.


          Verŝajne. Mi esperas ke, kun la Duolingo kurso farante lerni pli facile, pli urboj havos esperantistojn! Mi provos konstrui ian klubeton de Esperanto ĉe io ajn lernejo mi laboros en, en la sekva jaro. :D


          Oh! There probably is, I'm right in the city - it's just convincing myself that going alone is totally okay and not scary at all. I'll probably go, it'd definitely motivate me to start practicing. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

          [deactivated user]

            I was really nervous about gong to the meetings alone, too, but the people were really welcoming...and patient. Remember that they are in their esperanto club because they want to practise their esperanto, just like you - they will be happy to meet you.


            there are some discussions going on here also


            [deactivated user]
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