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  5. "Est-ce le maire ?"

"Est-ce le maire ?"

Translation:Is he the mayor?

June 23, 2015



Is mayor always masculine? If so, then Is she the mayor should be correct. Can anyone confirm that?


If we were talking about a female-mayor, we would say "Est-ce la maire ?". There are a few professions which don't have a feminine equivalent, so we take the masculine form and put a feminine article. Another example : le juge / la juge = the judge (masc. / fem.).

When you refer to them, you can say : "Monsieur le maire" or "Madame la maire"


Is he mayor should be accepted


I thought we do not use articles before professions? Like in C'est coiffuer - She is a hairdresser.


It's not a profession.


What is it then? You would say Il est politicien... and I think politician and maire are the same functions, no?


The hints suggested "Is it.." which might apply in Hartlepool (in the U.K.) where Hangus the monkey was elected Mayor (this is true, he was the mascot of the football team). The most popular suggestion for his name though, was Spank!

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