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Quitting Duolingo after a 2 year streak

I think I'm at the point where I've outgrown Duolingo for German... in about a week I'll have been coming here every day for 2 years. Perhaps understandably, I was hesitant at first to purposefully end my 2 year streak. I think I found a good excuse, though- it just so happens that for my 2 year anniversary, I'll be in Germany beginning my month long intensive german course at the Goethe Institut. I figure that's as good as time as ever to move on.

For others who're getting started/advancing in the german tree, I highly recommend the following in addition to Duolingo:

memrise.com - I was reluctant to use memrise for the longest time, even though I kept seeing it recommended to language learners. I was wrong to wait so long- sign up ASAP! Try to look for courses that have plurals and audio.

http://www.memrise.com/course/335725/comprehensive-german-duolingo-vocabulary/ (everyone should at least do this course!)

http://www.memrise.com/course/46/1000-words-of-elementary-german-2/9/ (good audio, no plurals, not strict)

http://www.memrise.com/course/58866/5000-words-sorted-by-frequency-strict-typing/ (audio, plurals, strict)

meetup.com - if you're fortunate to live near a big city, see if there's a german meetup group! The one in Washington DC for instance meets twice a month and has been invaluably helpful.

Spotify - go find German Music! Some artists to check out: Cro, Casper, Sido, Bushido, Prinz Pi, Eko Fresh, Blumio. Please share suggestions below! Here's my spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1240503789/playlist/77XtqLwyXo4UQppO1L08jT

HelloTalk (Android/iPhone app) - pairs you up with Native Germans who want to practice their english.

YourDailyGerman blog - (http://yourdailygerman.wordpress.com) excellent articles about grammar, certain words, and all things german

Übungsprüfung Bücher - great for familiarizing / reinforcing vocab and grammar

To Duolingo- thank you so much for getting me hooked on the german language and culture. 2 years ago I had no intention of spending a month in a german immersion program, and now I couldn't be more excited to start

3.7.2015 I'm at day 730- a 2 year streak... und jetzt bin ich fertig.

For those curious, I was placed in A2.2 (I think I sabotaged myself by saying I learned most of my German from the Internet and didn't have much speaking experience), but I found that class fairly easy. I had no problems conversing with B1.2 students (mostly thanks to my large-ish vocabulary- again, I can't recommend Memrise enough!), so I asked my teacher if I should move up a class and she agreed, so on Monday I'll be moved to B1.1.

I hope y'all found my advice / experiences useful, and hope you can reach whatever goals you're working towards. Bis bald

June 23, 2015



Look at it this way—outgrowing Duolingo means it was a success. If you remained stuck on Duolingo, it would attest to its ineffectiveness.


After returning from Germany consider learning a new language here, there are so many options now ;)


Perhaps one day I'll be back to start another new adventure :)


A 2 year streak! You're really awe-inspiring. And thanks for recommending memrise.


Seeing how you like german rap, I'd like to suggest Kollegah, Genetikk, Olexesh, Errdeka, and Marteria.


Und K.I.Z. aus Berlin :)


2 years! That's long! I am in a 245 days (8 months), and I know I will break it in 2 weeks because I will be without internet for some days :(

Thanks for the links!!


You can freeze your streak for a day. Maybe longer?


Congrats. When you get back from the intensive Goethe Institut program in Germany let us know how it was. I'm attending classes for A1 at the Goethe Institut in Washington, DC and it's wonderful.


If you don't mind me asking, how have you managed to keep such an amazing streak, over years??


I can't speak for everybody else, but I've managed to keep my streak over 4 years in part because it's kinda become muscle memory at this point, a part of my daily routine. I had to do it every day for my high school Spanish class and once I got into the habit, I just never stopped.


Congratulation to reaching the language level you wanted and that was possible to gain with DL and good luck with another resources.

Btw, thanks for great tips.


That is awesome! I just started the German tree and I'm halfway through the Spanish tree. Great resources to post! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely check them out! Congratulations on your next steps.


So you found the meetup group useful? I've seen the one in Dublin but I assumed it was for more or less fluent/native speakers who had moved from Germany/Switzerland/Austria who want a chance to be able to meetup in German


Our group is probably 75% Americans (either bilingual, lived abroad, studied in university etc.) and 25% natives. When I introduce myself I'll usually say that my german is still poor so I'm mostly here to listen and learn, but everyone has been very friendly and helpful. I only started going months after I'd finished the german tree; I don't think I would've been comfortable going any sooner, personally.


I will probably give the Dublin group a try when I get better at spoken German.


Go ASAP IMO, it is much better to throw yourself into learning and be somewhat immersed than waiting for the perfect moment to try and speak. For instance, I learned German in Berlin and needed to speak from Day 1. Without pushing myself, I would have progressed as fast as I did. In Berlin we even have an Irish meetup and after not speaking it for years, I went there twice a month for a few months. At first I couldn't say anything, but after a while I began to understand more and more. By the end I could understand almost everything (I had pass leaving cert Irish by the way). Go to meetups, get a tandem partner, speak as much as possible :)


@ MariaHill. Meetup is just a generic platform that brings like-minded people together within a certain region/location. We have several here in Lux., the largest of which was originally set up just for expats' socialising. Now it hosts a myriad of different events, amongst others, a "Wir sprechen Deutsch" German language practice group. You could either set up your own Meetup site in Dublin for that purpose or see if your German practice group would fit into one of the existing ones. You could try the German/Swiss/Austrian native speakers as their site might attract traffic from people looking to practice. Some of the native speakers may even want to participate, which would be an added bonus.


Thank you BlooJeans for the suggestions and a big congratulations on your forthcoming trip to Germany!!!


Thanks for your awesome shares and info, I just wonder what is your level [fluently] speaking-writing after 2 years on all those places? ;) gl in germany btw :)


My reading and writing is much better than my speaking and listening, since my only experience with the later is with my meetup group 2x a month for the past 6 months. I've been doing practice exams in a B1 Übungsprüfungbuch for the Lesen section and can understand most of it (enough to get most of the questions right), so I know my reading ability is at a B1 level, and I hope my writing is around the same (I've met some very helpful friends on HelloTalk who have been awesome, highly recommend!). Speaking and Listening is probably between A2 and B1, not really sure to be honest. Guess I'll find out next week when they place me into the correct course ;)


Congratulations and good wishes for your trip to Germany!


I just started the German course. Congrats on your graduation from Duolingo and thank you for these tips! :)


Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience and resources. I wish you a wonderful trip to beautiful Germany. I think you are right, you do not need more German from DL. Did you ever consider a private tutor online? For how long did you practice German everyday?

Have a great learning experience.


I never really looked into a private tutor / conversation exchange, but maybe when I get back I'll look into it. I'd spend 30-60 minutes studying on the average weekday and 1-2 hours on the weekends. The last 6 months I've been doing 50 experience a day on Duolingo, which is 3-4 rounds of 'Strengthen'. After every Duolingo round I'd do 3 rounds of Memrise, where each Memrise round is reviewing 25 previous words that need to be 'watered' or learning 5 new words.


Congrats! Your advice was super helpful! :)


Congratulations my dear. I wish the best to you in German. I'm still learning english, but I'm planning to start learning German as well. Greetings from Brazil :)


Reading this, I thought you were native. Good job!


Thanks my friend. I'm really happy with it ! See you :)


Thanks for the advice. I'm proud of my streak and will have a hard time when I one day have to break it. Congratulations on the progress you've made! Enjoy the immersion program.


Hopefully you don't lose the streak until you're ready to break it on purpose and make it a cause of celebration!


"Duolingo is the cradle of German learning, but German learning cannot stay in the cradle forever." - What Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolokovsky would have said to you.


Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your experience and new tools to strengthen the language.

I want to share with others that Rosetta Stone has been useful to me, now I'm on level 3 of 5. I wouldn't say that one is better than the other, because both have their weaknesses and strengths.

By the way, I'm a Spanish native speaker if somebody wants to practice.


I really wanted to like memrise, but it makes me so frustrated. I can see its potential for being helpful, but there's no way to skip words in a deck that you already know, and there's no way to make custom decks. I'm not ready to learn the more obscure, lesser-used words in the advanced decks, but I can't sit through a beginners deck long enough to get to new words. This app is losing a lot of potential in my eyes


I'm not sure about the app, but if you're using the desktop version, there actually is a way to ignore words. Here's a link that shows how to eliminate/ignore specific words and also ignore words that you've already learned in other Memrise courses: http://www.memrise.com/course/250004/easy-polyglot-german/3/

Hope it helps! Here are some courses that I've found useful for building vocabulary: http://www.memrise.com/course/47049/5000-words-top-87-sorted-by-frequency/ http://www.memrise.com/course/335725/comprehensive-german-duolingo-vocabulary/ http://www.memrise.com/course/124321/no-typing-beginner-german/


Oh, wow. it didn't even occur to me that there might be a desktop version. This is very helpful, thank you!


As far as I've noticed, the app isn't very good at realizing that there are words I already know and have previously ignored, so I tend to learn new words on my computer and just reviewing on my phone. Glad it helped :)


Good for you! Thanks for sharing the links and good luck with your intensive course!


It happens. I do not use Duo for Spanish any longer for that reason. It is good that you have reached a point in your German where it is time to move on to more challenging things.

Thanks for the suggestions as well. I have been trying multiple things to find materials that I like and that help me learn. Have fun in Germany!


Congratulations and good luck! thanks a lot for the great information, cheers.


Definitely, man. Time to move on. GO TO GERMANY. GET IMMERSED!!!


Congratulations. I've just started to learn the german language recently. 2 years streak much wow. Wish you luck in Germany btw.


Tell us when your back how much use this course was in context of an immersion study. Good luck!


Wow, Hearty Congratulations. All the best for your German immersion program, and thanks for the links. They are great.


Congratulations!! Have a great time in Germany and good luck with your language studies in the future! Thank you for the links and tips, they are very helpful.


Wow, a two year streak... What an inspiration! Danke for these tips and suggestions. I would suggest Revolverheld for German music, if people are into bands. :)


Have fun in Germany. I did a 2 week superintensive course at the Goethe-Institut in Frankfurt 10 years ago. The teachers were very professional and the general environment very helpful for learning. I'm now getting started on Duolingo to see how much of what I learned I've retained:)


Thanks for the tips! I can see you maintained your streak, did you change your mind? Also, on a scale from 1 to 10, where would you say you're on your German right now, thanks to Duolingo (10 being native fluent)?

Thanks! Have a lingot!


Danke. Your tips are appreciated! I am just starting German and Swedish. I will check out the links you provided.

I wish you well on your journey! :)


I think the best part about this was its ending: 3.7.2015 I'm at day 730- a 2 year streak... und jetzt bin ich fertig.


5 years later huh? seems like a long time


i wonder which level he is now


also from personal experience i find Anki app better and more reliable than any of these sites, even though they are good too.


Memrise is certainly great and works well alongside DL.

But have you tried www.conjuguemos.com ? You can practice your conjugations on there in various languages, and also vocabulary by doing 5 min quizzes. Very addictive :) No registration necessary, no fuss.

Congrats on your determination and progress, and enjoy your GI course!


Thanks, conjuguemos looks very usable :)


wow that conjuguemos is really great, I like the structured word lists. Seems very helpful for me


Conjuguemos completely ignores articles which in german are very important


I thank you for leaving the link to conjuguemos.com. It has been very helpful to me.


I will check out the conjug. Link danke


That's a shame:( After getting that far! Well I suppose if you want to, then go for it.


I see no shame here, since Duo. is really an introductory program, and has done what it has set out to do. At some point, if it has been successful, we should all be moving on to more complete engagements with our chosen language. After all, we don't call it a shame when we graduate from school and enter the big world. (By the way, Congratulations! Enjoy your course!)


after 2 years streak just b1??

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