"Sprache und Stil."

Translation:Language and style.

June 23, 2015



Stil - is pronounced more like Ast or Beste - the st ... The audio is misleading, as there is a word Stiel

October 29, 2017


Some people, mostly older people (in my experience) say it like 'Stiel' like the english 'sh', but most people begin 'Stil' like the english word 'style'. I would say that people will understand you no matter which one you choose, but most people are more used to the second one.

July 29, 2018


Are these possible criteria for evaluating an essay?

In other words, can "Sprache" be used (as in English) to apply to how language is used, rather than only which language was used?

January 19, 2016


Yes, these are possible criteria. It can be used to say how you used words

June 4, 2016


Why is Stil pronounced as Shtil and not as plainly Stil I usually say Stil

March 13, 2018


Hi, Vnucko7! Generally speaking, when in a German word starts with an "s" immediately preceding a "t" or "p", it is pronounced as "sch"; eg. sprechen, Spiel, Steine, Stühl, stinkende... There are regional variations to how words are pronounced, as well as demographic ones; words that come from foreign influence can also be exceptions to the rule. The only way to get a real hang for it is to practice, and when you travel, it helps to just remember to keep your mind and ears open for local accents and variations, and you'll probably catch on pretty quickly. (The same as you most likely do intuitively when travelling within the English-speaking world!) :D

November 1, 2018


Read Tim515213 above.

April 19, 2018


'Sprache' cannot be translated as a noun 'talk' in any way?

September 23, 2015


No, talk means "Gespräch" or "Unterhaltung", I think.

December 31, 2017


No i think that's 'Gespräch' rather than 'Sprache'

January 13, 2018


Sprache can be Speech. I was gonna try it myself. But I only have one heart left. I didn't have the nerve!

July 31, 2018


I translated this as "speech and style" and was marked correct, but I have a feeling it means something more sensible. Ja?

January 14, 2018


Hard to tell without context. I as a native tranlated it with 'style' as well. But Sprache&Stil seems to imply formality and usage, slang and proverbs. So there might be a more fitting word for that than 'style'.

February 7, 2018


Interesting: Google translates "style" as ""der Style", but recognizes "der Stil". Dict.cc does not recognize "der Style" as a noun, but does recognize "stylen" as a verb. And Dict.cc suggests that "entwerfen" can mean "to style", among other things (remember Der Entwurf means design or draft).

April 19, 2018


'stylen' means in fact the english verb 'to style', while you can translate 'the style' as 'der Stil' or 'der Style', but 'Stil' sounds more german

July 29, 2018


OMG she says "Schtiel". It's wrong!! "Stil" (style) is pronounced like the english word "steal"

August 31, 2018


I thought Stil meant diction in this instance..

December 7, 2018


Hi, Can you acknowledge the Ampersand? Thanks

February 1, 2019


hi, ampersand. sorry, i didn't see you there!

February 1, 2019
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