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  5. "We are wearing clothes."

"We are wearing clothes."

Translation:Vi har på oss klær.

June 23, 2015



I just wanted to make sure I understand this - "wear" is "har på seg", except for "I" and "we", when it's "på meg" and "på oss", respectively? Do I get this right? Also, would it be totally grammatically incorrect to say "Jeg har det på seg" or "Han har det på ham" or maybe it would be technically correct, but totally weird and no one speaks like that? (Funny thing is I actually speak Polish, and in Polish it's very similar: we don't have a verb meaning "wear", we just say that we have something on ourselves. But it's always the same phrase - "na sobie", meaning "på seg", independently from who you're talking about. Polish version of "har på meg" sounds so weird to me that probably it's simply incorrect.)


Reflexive pronouns have to agree with the subject in Norwegian:

Jeg har klær på meg.
Du har klær på deg.
Hun/Han har klær på seg.

Vi har klær på oss.
Dere har klær på dere.
De har klær på seg.


That's exactly what I came for to the comments. Tusen takk, Deliciae! :D


Thanks! I thought they're objects pronouns, so I got confused with "seg", and thought it's something like possessive pronoun 'sin', you know, independent from who you're talking about (I admit it, I just copied the idea from Polish). Also, somehow I was sure that I've seen somewhere sentence like "dere har det på seg" - hence my silly question. Tusen takk!


What about Det or Den, for example, do you say: Den/Det har klaer paa seg?


Yes, you can use "den/det har klær på seg" if you're talking about an animal or a toy for instance. As long as it's in the 3rd person, "seg" is the appropriate reflexive pronoun.


We don't have "wear"? What does "ubierać" mean than?


wear - nosić, dress up - ubierać ;)


Popełnilam ten sam błąd z seg tłumacząc to poprostu na się, ale jednak nie :/ Choć dla mnie byłoby to logiczne ;)


I tak jak napisałam wyżej, jak najbardziej mamy wear - po prostu nosić.
We absolutely have wear in Polish! Look up my previous comment :)


It accepted my answer: "Vi har på oss klær." but, of course, said another correct answer is "Vi har klær på oss." is the latter more correct, or are they pretty interchangeable?


They're fully interchangeable, though subject to dialectical and personal preference.


Would it be ok in this case to use the plural "klærne"?


klær is already plural. klærne is the definite plural and means 'the clothes'


Why is it klærn and not klærne?


You mean klær? Because it's indefinite. We have clothes on. not We have the clothes on.


Why did it refuse "bruker" instead of "har pa oss"?


It rejected "vi har på oss klær" and corrected it to "vi har på oss tøy"? Now I know from reading the comments that the former is in fact correct and it must be a one off mistake/glitch but it's still confusing


Actually I wrote 'klærer', maybe that's why?


Yes, that's exactly why.


Why is 'Vi har klær på oss' not correct?


It is correct. You must've made some typo you didn't notice and that's why your answer got marked as wrong (happens to me a lot).


Sounds plausible. I usually type with the swipe feature on Android, and it does happen from time to time that I miss a typo. Thanks for the confirmation ^^


"Another correct solution: /the same solution/" wtf?

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