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When do I start to speak?

Can anyone tell me when I will be able to answer questions orally as up to now I have only answered by writing. Do you have to get to a certain level before pronunciation comes in? thanks

June 23, 2015



do you have the microphone on that will help you


Hi Ellie. No thats not the problem. My mic's ok. I don't get pronunciation questions at all!


is the sound on in the setings


Yes my dear. i don't think it's a tech problem (flashplayer ,mac OS etc). Did you start pronunciation on level 1?


Have you gone to the settings in duolingo and ensured the speaker is on?


yes i have. Any other solutions? thanks for the answer

[deactivated user]

    I have the questions, but when I use the app on iPhone, it will not grade me me or let me move on to the next question. I have to turn off the speaker and skip all of those questions. [When using the computer, I have had oral questions since the beginning. All works well on the computer.]

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