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Names in the esperanto course

saluton This may come up later in the course, but although I am aware that Sofia and Adam are the names of Zamenof's children (which makes the course really unique!), is there a reason Lidia, who was possibly most involved in esperanto, wasn't included? Also a while ago, I found out that there was a Zamenhof house relatively close to where I live. However, I found out that it was names after Adam Zamenhof, who was apparently invlved with some important research about the eye and ophthalmology, and the building was an optometrist... So unfortuantly it wasn't an esperanto building or something like that :(

June 23, 2015

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I think that Lidia was a newborn (1905) when Zamenhof published the Fundamento de Esperanto, but Adam and Sofia were maybe about five or seven years old and that way their names could be used in the collection of exercises.

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