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  5. "You are not a victim."

"You are not a victim."

Translation:Sen kurban değilsin.

June 23, 2015



Would 'sen kurban değilsiniz' not be right?


It would have to be "siz kurban değilsiniz." (Or just "kurban değilsiniz.") If you say "sen," the verb form has to be "değilsin."


What about "Sen kurbanın yok"? thx


As a native Turkish, it sounds bad to me and no where near the English meaning you are looking for.

"Yok" means does not exist or missing. If you told me, I would probably auto-correct it as:

"Senin kurbanın yok"

And it would mean "You don't have a sacrificial offering" or "You don't have a victim"

I hope this helps. Good luck with Turkish.


I think that would be "you don't have a victim."


Opa,.. "sen kurbansın yok", I missed the letter "s"


A better Turkish speaker than I am would have to confirm, but I don't think it means anything. "Yok" means something like, "does not exist." (To use an example that's close, "senin kurbanın yok" means "you don't have a victim," but the literal translation is more like, "your victim does not exist.") I don't think it really works as a simple "not," in the way that "değil" does.


"Sen-in kurbanin yok." would be that but you're right. Yok does not mean "not" in Turkish. You can't just use it to negate a sentence by itself.


Oops, just fixed the "senin." Thanks!


where is the "bir" for "a" ?


You could say "Sen bir kurban değilsin" but it is more natural to say without bir.

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