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  5. "De vil gjerne synge sammen."

"De vil gjerne synge sammen."

Translation:They would love to sing together.

June 23, 2015



Se we just have to add "gjerne" to change "vil" from "want to" to "would like to" ?


So "vil gjerne" is a slightly more passive form of "vil"? Because I see "wants" as being slightly demanding while "would like to" suggests a perhaps more hypothetical desire.


The English translation I had to pick words from translated 'vil gjærne' as "would love to", which implies much less passive than 'would like to'...


I am learning 'gjerne' as 'will gladly', instead of 'would like to'. I think it's best to learn as close to the literal translation so that one can recall it when they are trying to speak Norwegian


I totally understand you. Shame, that literal translations sometimes are not accepted :( Maybe they doesn't make perfect sense, but help to remember better.


Are gjerne and yearn related etymologically?


Wie es auf Deutsch ist - ''ich möchte gern ...''. Ich denke es ist höflicher zu sagen wie es auf Deutsch ist - deswegen, mitt valg! : )


To me, it sounds like "Vi vil gjerne synge sammen."


For me its sounds De with phonetical E like in NorgE but it should sounds like "Di".


Hilarious how 'vil gjerne' translates to 'would love to'. I believe languages also reflect mentalities


Unless you slow it down, I swear she is saying "vi" and not "de"


This one is frustrating. I have learned that gjerne=gladly/readily/with pleasure. "They would gladly like to sing together," though hardly an elegant use of English, should be a correct translation.


They would gladly sing together. Like is not needed because you already have gladly, which implies the like (I don't suppose you would often be glad to do something you don't like).

I remember gjerne as 'gladly' too, and 'vil gjerne' reminds me of 'yearning' which, whilst not an accurate translation, helps me remember the meaning of the words.


Pimsler, eh?09jul17


Can't i translate gjerne as willingly ?


When I looked up "gjerne" in an online dictionary, one of the possible translations was indeed "willingly". But as far as I understand the english meaning, "willingly" emphasizes that people WEREN'T FORCED to do something. In comparison to that, "gjerne" emphasizes that people WANT to do something because they LIKE doing it.

I would expect "willingly" as a translation for "gjerne" in a context, where people were more or less forced (e.g. blackmailed) to do something for someone else and when someone thanks them the person forcing them replies with something like "Oh, the loved to do it." insert evil grin.


Tusen hjertlig takk

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