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  5. "Vi skulle ha varit ledsna."

"Vi skulle ha varit ledsna."

Translation:We would have been sad.

June 24, 2015



How is one to differentiate between "should" and "would"? Surely it is no far stretch to imagine one of a guilty duo telling his (or her; crime is equal opportunity) partner that they ought to have appeared to be saddened during the funeral, etc. etc. "Should" has been accepted numerous times thus far as an appropriate translation for 'skulle'; how does it fail to be so this time?


"skulle" = would "borde" = should


I said "We would have been sorry" - is that not a possibility?


It is. Added it now.


When I was talking to a Swedish dood, I saw him using the past tense “hade” as if it meant the same thing as “skulle ha.” Like, “Vi hade varit ledsna om...” could mean “We would have been sad if...” Is this a colloquialism, is it proper Swedish, or am I just crazy?


It's a bit of a colloquialism, but a very common one. It's not really used on its own like this, though - you'd want to follow it up with something.


Is the "d" in ledsna silent? I can't hear even a hint of it in either version. It sounds like "lesna"


You probably know by now, but yes, that it is. :)

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