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Help! It's urgent!

My Dad and step-mom are getting married on Saturday. I will get to say something and I decided to do it in a foreign language, just to show off. I have used my dictionary, and I would love help of how to properly write it. Thank you so much, also since I am on my iPad, I will not be able to type the accented letters, so they will be followed by "x". Also, the theme is "Elephant Shoe" It is short and basic because I was told to say some thing little also.

Dad kaj Hillary, mi estas felicxa. Vi estas edzigxi! Paroloj ne povas priskiribi mia kortusxecojn. Mi ne povas pensi de kio al pensas. Dankon, kaj elefanto sxuo!

Dad and Hillary, I am happy. You are married! Words cannot describe my emotions. I cannot think of what to say. Thank you, and elephant shoe.

June 24, 2015



Pacxjo kaj Hillary, mi estas felicxa. Vi edzigxas! vortoj ne povas priskiribi mia kortusxecon. Mi ne povas pensi kion diri. Dankon, kaj elefanto sxuo!

There are several esperanto keyboards for the iphone - probably good for ipad - You can search Ludisto or gxusta klavaro, I think there are others


Dad kaj Hillary, mi estas feliĉa. Vi geedziĝas. Vortoj ne povas priskribi miajn sentojn. Mi ne povas pensi pri kio diri. Dankon, kaj elefanta ŝuo!


Paĉjo kaj Hillary, mi estas feliĉa. Vi estas geedzoj! Vortoj ne povas priskribi miajn emociojn. Mi ne kapablas pripensi, kion diri. Dankon, kaj "elefantoŝuo".

Note: You could say "Vi estas geedziĝintaj" but this sound a little bit overcomplicated. Also, the "elephant shoe" gag does not translate into Esperanto... you might want to say "mi amas vin" instead.


Actually, if the joke is that is sounds like I love you, you could say olivy-someone: oliv' iu


I don't see anything wrong. Good luck and you might want to think about this a little longer. :D


Congratulations to your dad and his wife-to-be. :) And to you for attempting this!

There are several translations suggested here, but it's probably worth pointing out that DJ_Kunar is a native speaker of Esperanto, so you're on safe ground using his version.

Also, for the Elephant Shoe gag, you could say Mima Sven', which literally means "a mimed swoon", but has the same visual effect.

[Explanatory note to anyone not familiar with "Elephant Shoes" — the point is that if you silently mouth the words elephant shoes to someone, you appear to be saying "I love you". And so, similarly in Esperanto, if you mouth mima sven', it looks like "Mi amas vin".]


Explanatory note to anyone not familiar with "Elephant Shoes"

Thank you for explaining. (I had no idea!)


It seems fine!
One little thing: I think that emotion is kortuseco.


Dad would be written as Pacxjo


It will sound like you are speaking Latin and granting an ancient good luck wish to them. Great idea. Good luck.

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